Daniel Allen (da_lj) wrote,
Daniel Allen

Usual mornings go better than this, and we haven't even left for work yet.

Dear Builders,

I'm ecstatic that yesterday's plumbing fix means our kitchen sink no longer makes a 'thunk' sound when we close the tap, and turning on the outside faucet no longer makes a machine-gun sound. Less ecstatic at the holes in our ceiling, and attendant remains of drywall dust, but I am still reassured you will actually fix these holes today. Actually get all the drywall dust, I'm less confident about, given the amount you left behind last night, but we can deal.

I am hopeful you'll finish patching the holes in the membrane outside, so we have a terrace again before the snow starts falling, and perhaps more importantly, our downstairs neighbours don't have a leak.

But this morning, that fire alarm just as I was waking up? Not so cool. Granted it's only the second (third?) one during sleeping hours, but if there are power issues causing the alarm system to flake out, can you please fix them?

While we're on power, I'm less than ecstatic that our new vacuum (12 amps) will trip the CFGI circuit-breaker (15 amps). But whatever; we can avoid using those outlets (or just one outlet; I'm a bit confused about why that would be).

The parking garage which was going to be weather-sealed last week, is less than half complete; the slalom to get in and park is sort of exciting. If it were me driving instead of dan, I might just decide to take the bus instead.

And finally, when I got into the shower after the fire alarm this morning, I didn't want to be right when I thought, "at this rate, I bet the hot water flakes out."

Someone who feels whiny this morning.
Tags: condo, justify my bourgeois lifestyle
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