October 19th, 2009

Oct. 19th, 2009

This evening on everyone's favourite TV show, "You're Biking The Wrong Way," we see da_lj encounter two cyclists who need a talking-to. *scowl*

At least they were biking together. The only reason I bother mentioning this at all is that in the process of our three-minute conversation when I caught up (talking across the roadway, them biking into traffic, the lead cyclist asserting that she was safer seeing the traffic coming at her), they turned the corner by the pool, which was a golden teachable moment- I immediately said, "and this is why what you're doing is so dangerous- in that very spot, I almost clobbered a little old lady who was exactly where you were, going the wrong way around the corner. I was scared out of my wits, and so was she. And both of us could've ended up in the hospital, because we were going at each other as fast as you are!"

The lead cyclist turned to her friend and said something, and I thought she was continuing their conversation, so I broke off and sped up, saying, "take care," back at them, and the lead cyclist said "you too" back to me.

Then I glanced back and they had switched to the right-hand side of the road.

And they turned up Erb Street, on the sidewalk, but on the right side.



Things I learned today

1) my left hip-bone is sort of fused to the sacrum, the middle hip-bone. My physiotherapist showed me that yes, I have worse range-of-motion in my left leg than the right. This was news to me- I just thought I had lower back-ache from the new bed. He says the bed probably alerted me to problems that had been going onward for a while. He did some fairly rigorous stretches to my back-joints and gave me a pair of additional stretches I'm supposed to do. (I think I'm up to something like 30 minutes a day of stretches I haven't been doing regularly.)

2) maple syrup does not go well on a dog.

3) [various work things that aren't nearly as interesting as 1) and 2)]


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