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June 5th, 2008

feeling a bit old, and not.

Last night d. and I went to sleep at 10:15. I woke up feeling creaky.

In this morning's paper, I was most enthusiastic to read the obits. And a piece about some musician close to death.

The obit that made the most impression on me was yet another "I remember" piece from a reader, about Sheela Basrur, a doctor and public servent who was Ontario's public face during the 2003 SARS crisis. At the time I asked d. how the public service sector managed to hire such an intelligent spokesperson. Since she died on Monday, the Globe and Mail has printed a large number of remembrances; today's was from a 25-year-old woman whose career in health care were directly chosen because Basrur immediately stood out to her, as well; in her case, first as an ethnic minority and a woman; then, for her career and dedication to improving healthcare. And they met, and Basrur backed her up when she got a panel of male doctors mad at her at a conference. It just made me smile.

And the Arts section profiled Oliver Schroer, a violinist with leukemia who expects he has one concert left in him. And two CDs. And whatever else comes together. Dude! The article makes me wish I were half as energetic and focused and upbeat with whatever time I do have left.

So yeah. I'll keep feeling old-and-young. It probably helps that I seem to have slept 9.5 hours last night. So aside from being a bit creaky, and obsessed with death this morning, I feel great.

Also, some of that Oliver Schroer guy's music is beautiful- one of his CDs is from walking the Camino de Santiago through France and Spain and recording music in some of the churches he passes through. Tis haunting, and I expect I'll buy it in physical form instead of via itunes, because it comes with a booklet with photos of the churches.



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